Frequently Asked Questions

How do i begin the Admission Process?

You can get all admission information on our website. Yo can also apply online at www.fobanginstitutes.org/apply-to-finistech/

How Much Fees do i pay per semester

FINISTECH has got different fee structure based on different programs across our different Programs.
For more information on our fee structure, please visit the Admissions section of our website

Does FINISTECH Offers Online Classes?

Not yet.
As of now, RHIBMS has an incredible admission system.

What are the Programmes Offered at FINISTECH

FINISTECHoffers a wide range of programs, from HND to MBA
Both at the undergraduate and graduate levels in their two schools. For more on the programs offered, please visit our schools to see programs offered

Is FINISTECH an Accredited University?

FINISTECH is in fact accredited by the ministry of higher education and mentored by University of Buea(UB) and the University of Yaounde at all levels.