FINISTECH Accreditation

The Mentorship of Fobang Institute, was issued authorization by the Ministry of Higher Education through letter No:21-05369/L/MINESUP/SG/DDES/ESUP/SDA/MF of 26 October 2021 to offer foreign degrees in partnership with two foreign institutions. Nevertheless, recognizing the obvious difficulties of assuring normal standards of mentorship of Fobang Institute, Yaounde, by the two foreign institutions, the institute also sought mentorship from a Cameroonian state university to fulfil the requirements of Decree No. 2001/832/PM of 19 September 2001 on common rules applicable to private higher educational institutions (PHEI) and of the implementing Ministerial Order No.17/00260/MINESUP/SG/DAJ/DDES of 28 April 2017 on the organization of educational tutelage control by homologated state universities or establishments on PHEIs and of the Ministerial Circular No. 13/0003/MINESUP/CAB/DAUQ/DAJ of 22 October 2013 on the modalities of the exercise and conditions of academic tutelage control of PHEIs by state universities.

Contact For Scholarship

We are opn on Monday – Friday at 11am and 3pm, except on holidays.

Admissions Center

Entree Simboc, Centre Region
237, Cameroon

Phone : +237 675103553
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i begin the admission Process?

You can get all admission information on our website. Yo can also apply online at

How Much Fees do i pay for 1year?

FINISTECH has got different fee structure based on different programs across our different Programs.
For more information on our fee structure, please visit the Admissions section of our website

What are the Programs Offeredat FINISTECH

FINISTECH offers a wide range of programs, from HND to MBA
Both at the undergraduate and graduate levels in their three schools. For more on the programs offered, please visit our school or visit the Schools & Programs section of our website to see programs offered

Is FINISTECH an Accredited University?

FINISTECH is in fact accredited by the ministry of higher education and mentored by University of Buea(UB) at all levels.